How does counselling help victims of Homicide crime?

Richard_Mason_SmithWhen a murder takes place, it’s the whole family, and friends, who are left devastated and struggling to cope.

Traumatic death is a very complicated for anyone left behind to cope with. Many of whom will feel anger, anger towards the perpetrator, sometimes the police, often other family members. They also feel overwhelming grief, disbelief, some even feel guilt…I shouldn’t have let them out that night, I should’ve protected them for example.

A common process throughout the therapy is around the need of justice and closure of which unfortunately sometimes does not happen as expected which can create new trauma.

These are all normal reactions, but its how they are treated in the days and weeks afterwards which will determine how that family member copes in the years ahead. It is so important for them to talk to someone about how they’re feeling…and that’s where counselling comes in.

There is often a stigma attached to counselling, but there really shouldn’t be. I can not stress enough how important it is for anyone affected by this sort of traumatic event to talk it through with a trained counsellor. We’re there to help. These crimes affect not just the immediate family of the victim but everyone left behind.  Sadly this sort of trauma, appears is on the increase.

If you are in need, there are organisations there to support you. Please get in touch.