Art therapist is a form of therapy that uses art media as its primary mode of expression and communication, you do not need to have any art experience or artistic skills to engage with this therapeutic approach. 

Art therapy can be particularly helpful if your finding it difficult to express thoughts and feelings verbally or if you’re not quite sure what is wrong. In many instances words alone can’t be found to express deep, complex emotions.

Art therapy can provide an alternative perspective that enables self-reflection, self-discovery and resolution of difficulties through art making using medium such as painting, drawing, modelling and collage.

Art therapy can help you understand and begin to address many issues including;

  • Difficulties in response to a diagnosis/prognosis, (which may include shock, anger, fear, disbelief or despair).
  • Difficulties in coping (which may include depression, anxiety or panic attacks).
  • Complications in grief (which may include feeling stuck, lost, isolated, despairing).
  • Spiritual concerns (which may include feeling lost, finding meaning).
  • Feelings of loss and uncertainty and change in lifestyle, health, body image, work or relationships.
  • Sharing ‘unacceptable’ feelings without fear of hurting others.

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